• Tax Return Preparation & Representation

    Properly & timely file all year-end tax forms and represent tax payer before the IRS in the event of inquiries.
  • Monthly Bookkeeping & Financial Statement Presentation

    Tracking all income and expenses and properly categorizing them, so that you have greater visibility to the cash flow of your business, as well as keeping consistent with IRS compliance.
  • Tax Planning

    Suggestions and guidance on how to manage and plan for upcoming tax liabilities, including quarterly estimated tax payment projections and retirement plan creation and management.
  • Invoicing & Billing

    Outsource you’re A/P and A/R department by using our services to assist in invoicing clients and making sure your vendors are timely paid.
  • Sales Tax

    Advise on sales tax collection and administration, as well as filing and remitting monthly, quarterly, or annual sales tax payments and filings.
    Additional services are available, so please don’t be afraid to ask!